Hair systems for women are a bondable hair loss solution that attaches to your scalp with a medical-grade, non-irritant adhesive. They are a popular long-term option because hair restoration systems are non-surgical, painless, and undetectable with a natural look and feel.

Each hair system is completely customizable and tailored to fit you. It consists of a membrane-like base designed on your scalp’s precise measurements. High quality human hair is selected to match your existing hair’s color, texture, and density. The hair system easily integrates with your natural hair and can easily be adjusted if needed.

There is no need to worry about activity restrictions when wearing your hair system. There are none! Engage in water activities, sports, exercise, and anything else you want with confidence. Hair systems are made to live life in. In fact, you can even sleep in your hair system.

Maintenance requirements are minimal. Every 3-4 weeks, you will visit the Refined Hair salon for a little rest and relaxation, while your hair system is cleaned, freshened, and reapplied. It will quickly become the best part of your month. In between visits, care for your hair system just as you would your natural hair.