5 Nutrients that Promote Healthy Hair
08 / 10 / 19

5 Nutrients that Promote Healthy Hair

Ensuring that your body receives the proper nutrients is vital to staying healthy, but did you know that a nutrient deficiency can actually affect your hair and scalp health as well? Most people don’t realize the role certain vitamins and minerals play in follicle health, and how incorporating those nutrients into your diet may help alleviate some of the common hair issues people face. We thought it was important to share the nutrients that help keep your hair healthy and strong.

01. Iron

If you are experiencing hair loss, you may be suffering from an iron deficiency. Iron can not only play a role in hair loss, but it may also cause your hair to fall out in a similar pattern to male or female patterned baldness, causing you to think that it’s more than it is. Iron is one of the best minerals for promoting healthy hair, so be sure to integrate some of the Iron-rich foods recommended below into your diet!

Iron-rich foods include: Spinach, liver, beans, lean red meat, and dark chocolate.

02. Zinc

Zinc benefits your overall hair follicle health and has been used to treat hair loss disorders such as Alopecia Areata and Telogen Effluvium for decades. It’s believed that a zinc deficiency can deteriorate the protein structure that makes up your hair follicle, which leads to weakened follicles and can result in hair shedding or hair loss. Zinc is also thought to keep your hormone levels balanced, which is necessary for healthy follicle growth.

Zinc-rich foods include: Pumpkin seeds, oysters, cocoa powder, sesame seeds, and lamb.

03. Biotin

Biotin is known to improve your hair thickness, scalp health and increase hair strength. This vitamin has been used to help treat and prevent deficiencies caused by disease, weight loss, pregnancy, and malnutrition. Biotin is vital in helping break down and converting other nutrients into energy, and without biotin, your body’s keratin (what hair is made of) will suffer. Because most people receive enough biotin in their diets, it’s best to talk to an expert or doctor about the right intake amount for you.

Biotin-rich foods include: Cauliflower, eggs, almonds, avocados, and salmon.

04. Protein

Including protein in your diet can help your body to produce keratin, which is the fundamental component in your hair structure. Without enough protein, your body may struggle to create keratin, which will result in weaker hair. It’s important to include healthy forms of protein into your food regimen, such as the examples listed below!

Protein-rich foods include: Eggs, quinoa, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, and turkey.

05. Omega-3

Some of you may have heard that fish oil is beneficial for hair growth, but do you know why? One of the main nutrients found in fish oil is Omega-3. These fatty acids can help nourish your hair, support hair thickening, balance your hormones and reduce inflammation that may be causing hair loss. To provide your body with more Omega-3, you’ll want to eat foods that contain a decent amount of this nutrient such as salmon or walnuts. If you don’t like any of the omega-3-rich foods, another option would be to try taking a fish oil supplement instead.

Omega-3-rich foods include: Salmon, walnuts, flax seeds, sardines, and tuna.

Take Care of Your Scalp and Promote Healthy Hair

Each scalp and hairline is unique, which is why it’s crucial to take care of your scalp and promote healthy hair. If you’re suffering from thinning hair or hair loss and none of these recommended nutrients are improving your scalp health, please don’t hesitate contact us or schedule a FREE consultation today.